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Kung Fu Panda Tales Of Po


Kung Fu Panda Tales Of Po

After vanquishing a certain number of enemies, the player will level up. Different characters level up separately, and thus may be at different levels. After every level-up, a point is gained to be spent in the training temple to upgrade one of the player's stats: health, kung fu, chi, and speed. Coins may also be collected throughout the levels and be used to buy secret scrolls that have a variety of uses: unlocking new moves, strengthening teammates, and increasing chances of an enemy dropping a pickup. Bowls of noodles in varying sizes appear in the levels to replenish health; the bigger the bowl, the greater the effect. Rare golden noodle bowls will replenish the partner's health fully, even if they have been knocked out.

Sometimes young kung fu warriors would visit the Valley of Peace to hone their skills by undergoing intense training at the Jade Palace. One such apprentice was a fox named Kai who wanted to refine his techniques. Kai was a great student, but one day he came across an ancient mask while exploring the Jade Palace's lower levels. The ancient mask's magic lured him to try it on, and upon doing so, it possessed him! The demonic mask augmented Kai's powers to make him roughly ten times stronger, but it also turned him into a ferocious, savage warrior willing to destroy anyone who dared challenge him! Po and friends will have to be roughly ten times more awesome to defeat Kai and free him from the mask!

Kai's kung fu prowess combined with the demon mask's destructive influence make for a very deadly opponent. His attacks pack quite a punch, and he's prone to entering random fits of extreme aggression that make him even more powerful than he already is! Mastering the arts of dodging and blocking is vital if you want to beat this fallen friend. His abilities are as follows:

Most villagers in the Valley of Peace believed that inner peace and harmony with nature was the key to eternal happiness. But Mao Ren, the crazy-rich warthog, believed it was bling. Aside from adorning himself in ridiculous amounts of shiny baubles, he was also notorious for being extremely wasteful, constantly littering everywhere he went. One day, Mao Ren needed a jewel for his brand-new pinky ring, so he went and stole the Kaizu Stone - a very valuable treasure. Not only that, but it turns out the Kaizu Stone also had magical properties! Upon wearing it, the stone made Mao Ren's skin turn to gold, making him invincible and thus totally immune to all kung-fu...except, of course, the kung-fu of the legendary Dragon Warrior!!

Kung Fu Con is an annual festival where all the greatest kung fu masters are honored with their own special exhibits, along with neat merchandise like posters, cards, and limited-edition life-sized action figures. One year, Kung Fu Con gave Po, the Dragon Warrior, an exhibit of his own...but there was trouble on the horizon. At Kung Fu Con, a cosplayer named Zhu Rou who was impersonating Po showed up and started doing all sorts of rude things - pushing people, tearing down posters, and even taking mint-condition collectibles out of their original packaging! It's time for the real Dragon Wariior to step up and reclaim his honor!

Po was strolling through the Valley of Peace and enjoying the nice weather, when Master Shifu frantically approached the panda and informed him that Fenghuang, the villanious owl who had been sent to Chorh-Gom Prison, had joined forces with all the other villains in the game and broken them out of the prison! Now, Po must fight the ultimate battle and defeat all the villains in one grueling battle!!

To prove your martial arts skills, use combos! They look more impressive and deal even more damage than regular attacks. For instance, use the Z key three times swiftly to perform a Quick Combo. As you advance through the game, you'll discover more powerful kung fu combos!

As a kung fu master, Kai went to the Jade Palace to refine his techniques, among which there is al


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