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Does Les Schwab Buy Used Tires

Five minutes later the assistant manager comes out and tells me that they will not put my tires on my rims. He goes on to tell me that Schwab does not allow carry in tires because it takes away time from their other customers who are purchasing products from their store and they're too busy to deal with third party products. This happened at 4:30 this afternoon and they had three empty bays with two customers sitting in the lobby. They were not busy. I proceeded to ask the manager how it was any different if I bought tires from another shop, got a flat, and brought it into Schwab to have it repaired. He said they would repair the tire in that circumstance, even though that it's a third party tire. I asked him why and he couldn't give me a straight answer. I took my business to Goodyear Tires a quarter mile down the road and they happily mounted and balanced my tires.

does les schwab buy used tires


In the early 1990s, a general concern about the growing piles of old vehicle tires grew into legislation. Many of the states that Les Schwab Tires operated in passed their own laws, and in 1991, an Idaho law went into effect that prohibited the disposal of tires in landfills. In 1994, Idaho's Board of Health and Welfare voted to require a tracking system for used tires. These types of laws were passed because it was found that tire piles posed major fire risks. Les Schwab Tires noted that their company had a built-in $1.00 fee on all new tire sales that was slated to pay for tire cleanup. The company piled its tires and waited patiently for an economical solution to the problem of disposing of old tires. However, in 1996, Les Schwab Tires headquarters had more than four million tires stacked a few miles west of it, and still no economical and environmentally sound solution regarding the old tires was in sight.

The legislation, A.B. 949, authored by Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside), prohibits an automotive repair dealer from installing an unsafe used tire, as specified, on a motor vehicle for use on a highway. The law requires automotive repair dealers to inspect used tires to determine whether a tire meets the criteria of an unsafe used tire.

USTMA research shows that nearly 38 million used tires are available for sale nationally each year. The legislation does not ban the installation or sale of all used tires. It targets used tires with specific, well-established, unsafe conditions.

So why is mixing new tires with used on an AWD a potential problem? First, a difference in diameter of less than half an inch between front and rear tires on your AWD can mean trouble for the drivetrain, the parts of the car that transfer the power to move the vehicle forward.

Medina Tire Service offers car repairs, wheels, used tires, and competitively priced new tires for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Count on us to deliver quality workmanship when you're shopping for tires or automotive services in the Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Sayretown, and other areas along Raritan Bay in Middlesex County. Need automotive maintenance? We can help with brakes, belts and hoses, oil changes, alignments, and more. For commercial customers, we also offer commercial tires and fleet services, including roadside assistance. Shop our inventory of tires from top brands, including BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Goodyear, Hankook, Kumho, MICHELIN, Nexen, Pirelli, Sumitomo, Toyo, Uniroyal, and Yokohama.

I lost my brakes on my rv about 6 miles from the local Les Scwab. After calling them and giving model numbers, I was qouted 340 for the rear and 270 for the front and whatever parts needed replacement. The disc pad on the left rear somehow came out and the two pistons on the heavy duty ford 450 chassis brakes then became the pads until the pistons extended so far out that they dumped all the brake fluid in the system! After a delicate and cautious drive using only gears, I arrived. They pulled it off and called me inside. $ 1, 150 was the estimate. When asked why, they said that they had to replace the rotors and calipers on both sides. Remember, 340 was the quote for rear. I called BS as I am myself a mechanic but was short on time and decided to take it to them. I told them that I was in total agreement having seen what came off the left side but that there was nothing wrong with the other side. When asked to repair just the left rear, they refused. All or nothing! I then told them to put it back together and I would do it myself! I had to sign a waiver saying they were not responsible and they sent me up the road with no brakes! I went to a buddies and did the whole damned rig, front and rear, myself for 380 including the new rotor and caliper! I have always bought my tires from Les Scwab but they have lost my lifetime of loyalty from this one incident!

Hey Un Real World WAKE UP !Les Schwab as a company has no integrity, First they are trained to lie at the highest degree to profit off of people. There is no warranty on any tires, basically the paper they give to you in the store, there warranty you can use it as pretty hard but good european standard toilet paper wipe thee behind off and flush away. My story, I had to take my car back to les schwab in after having them put new tires on, because my car was shaking really bad . The person at les schwab who took the tire off broke my stud trying to take the tire off, and said that the person who last put it on did not put it on right and said that they did not do it and have to charge me for it.. So I pulled out my receipt from last time and showed it to them, it was them . No apology from the technician at all. ( I bet he felt like an ###.) They balanced the tires and said no alignment needed it was a balance problem. Again the same thing had to take the car in again . They finally fixed it. Then I had a screw in my tire and took the car back in to get the screw out. They told me I needed new tires. So I went ahead and got new tires, They said they were out of stock of the cheaper tires and that I would have to get the more expensive ones, another lie, I found out later they had them in stock. Then they would not pay me for the thread that was left on my old tires. They said that because there was no alignment done within one year, the warranty does not work. That made me unhappy because I was told by the technician before that I did not need alignment done. Probably because they know they can screw up your warranty papers by doing that. So I asked him If I got the car alingment done back then would the warranty be ok, He said no because if you hit a pot hole the aligment can go off again. SO WHAT IS THE WARRANTY PAPER FOR! Its basically to trick the consumer into thinking there tires have warranty.What a great plan. Then I asked to have my old tires returened and they gave me one but said that they could not find the other one. WHAT BULL SH>>>>They probably sold it. Wow I speak two languages so excuse my writting, after living abroad in a third world country, this sort of thing would of not of happened in a third world country. I am guessing that les schwab tires is probably in a fourth world country it self or fifth or even sixth. I really do not know and wish them luck in the future.

I would guess your not telling the whole story... You probably have a vehicle that is out of alignment or some loose/worn front-end parts, which would cause your tires to wear pre-maturely. Mechanical tire wear is not covered under any tire store's warranty. If your vehicle caused the tire to wear out too soon, why would Les Schwab cover it under warranty? It's not their fault you choose not to keep your vehicle maintained...They probably can't put your worn out tires back on because they are a liability toward them. If they were to put them back on, that's like saying the tires are in "ok to drive on", and if one of those tires were to blow out down the road and cause an accident, you would complain they didn't tell you that the tires were in need of being replaced.Tell us the rest of what they told you... 041b061a72


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