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60 Seconds APK: Nükleer Felaketten Kaçış ve Hayatta Kalış Oyunu

Hocam oyun çok güzel olmuş emeğinize sağlık ama 60 seconds'a yani bu oyuna TR YAMA gelir mi? Kolay gelsin bir de hocam 60 Seconds Reatomized'da oyunu kurduğumda pembe bir ekran çıkıyor. 60 SECONDS YAZIYOR (ZOR ANLAŞILIYOR PEMBE YAZDIĞI İÇİN) sonra ekran birden tamamı ile pembe oluyor.

In the game 60 Seconds you get 60 seconds to scavenge. Whatever items (and people) you manage to get in those 60 seconds will determine your fate. If you grab nothing but Ted you will most likely die on day six, or earlier, of dehydration. Once you and whoever you chose to bring with you are in the bunker you will see a Journal in the bottom right of your screen. That book will basically tell you everything that is happening. It will tell you when you need to use supplies, feed your survivors, and what is happening around your shelter. If you send your only adult out to scavenge, you get the game over screen. Sending your only adult out to scavenge means you will not know what is happening inside your bunker, and you end up with a game over screen. If you have only a child/the children in the bunker, you end up with text that appears and disappears saying, "The End". When you finish the day, you end up with the game over screen, saying "You Perished".

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