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Sounds form a large part of any filmmaking project, three prompts are included: a X-Particles Sound FX and two passive X-Particles presets. The X-Particles sound FX include basic ship engine sounds, such as the Plunger and Thruster, as well as medium to high dynamic range sounds from explosions, gunfire and explosions. X-Particles plugin for C4D includes a plethora of material presets and noise modules.

Using the scene object as a source, X-Particles can be used to control and change the shape and velocity of the particles. With the added benefit of a multi-pass render, the object's geometry can be used to create highly animated, translucent particles or even defoliated particles if you just wish to light a certain edge of the object. The use of soft particles is very simple and can be used with any type of engine. The plugin allows you to control the size of the soft particles, their motion and whether they can be faded.

X-Particles 2.5 is a new version of X-Particles that features a brand new particle system for modelling and animating your scene objects and a re-written particle renderer with several new features. It introduces frame-based particle simulations, new particle movement operators and washes, which enable you to re-create many types of effects, such as water and fire. Featuring a large set of operators and modifiers, X-Particles 2.5 is easily integrated with other modifiers, such as fluid and vegetation simulators, allowing you to create remarkably complex scenes. d2c66b5586


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