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My Turbo Pc License Key 'LINK'

i do have a pc that doesnt allow turbotax to install! (windows 10 version 20h2) i have tried the dell max media control center on my pc, i tried re installing the program again, and then i tried downloading my pc information from turbotax. and, i tried updating my pc to windows 10 version 20h2 and my motherboard. this is a pc that i use primarily as a test / computer before i install any programs. i had to borrow a friends windows 10 version 1703 laptop to run turbotax because my older one, windows 10 version 20h2, was not allowing turbotax to install.

my turbo pc license key


hi i have been trying to make turbotax work for the last two weeks with no luck. my system is windows 10 version 20h2. i have tried installing through the dell max media center as well as manually. i have tried installing through my existing version of turbotax 2019 and that also would not install. it hangs at the beginning of the welcome to turbotax screen with the spinning blue dots.

does anyone know what dell max media control center does to reboot or power off my pc? i currently run on the windows 10 version 20h2 and max media is installed. i ran max media, waited for a minute and then restarted my pc. after that, i tried installing turbotax 2019.

hello. im currently trying to install my w10 pc. i have gotten to the point of the license verification process. the problem is that no matter what i do or what i do wrong the screen will not rotate. i have tried many solutions that i have found on this site. i have tried all of them and i have not been able to get the screen to rotate. it is just stuck at the last step. i even have a new tax file, if that is a problem. do i need to restart or unplug the machine? any help is much appreciated.


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