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This course introduces students to the theory and methodology of literary study, focusing on three questions: What is a literary text? How do we read a literary text? How do we write about a literary text? Addressing these questions requires students to examine the social and cultural contexts of literature and its aesthetic, rhetorical and ideological aspects. These considerations will help students judge literary value and examine their own literary assumptions. Requires one research project and critical essays using MLA style. Prerequisite: ENGL110.

Pro And Cons Of Abortion Essay macromedia supporter

Survey of contemporary issues in medical and research ethics. Topics could include abortion, euthanasia, genetic testing, reproductive technologies, doctor-patient relationships, conflicting imperatives on confidentiality and disclosure, social consequences or drug development and widespread use, concepts of health and disease, gender and medical practice, the distribution of medical resources, and the medicalization of various forms of social deviance. Prerequisite: ENGL111.


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