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Detective Conan Episode 89

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Detective Conan Episode 89

The corresponding manga chapters are listed in parentheses next to the episode numbers if you are interested. The first set is the overall chapter numbers and the second is the chapters as contained within each volume, separated by a bar (). If a manga chapter reference is followed by an asterisk (*), then there has been some story-critical change between the manga and the anime adaptation.

Since Detective Conan has had some direct crossovers with the Magic Kaito manga over the years, yet those parts of the Detective Conan anime never had the Magic Kaito parts that gave them context animated as well, those crossovers have never really had their full and proper effect for anime-only fans. However, now that Magic Kaito has finally received an adequate anime adaptation, I have taken the liberty of working the timings of these all-important crossovers into where they fit in with their Detective Conan episode counterparts, making the crossovers whole once more. The Internet can thank me later. The only issue is that the Magic Kaito episodes are entirely out of order. But, the order really does not matter for that series as it does with Conan, as the series is entirely episodic beyond pretty much the first episode. So, you can ignore that and watch that series in any order you wish.

An episode being on this list does not necessarily mean that I am insisting that you watch it. It is calling the case out as one that someone might not want to miss for some reason or reasons, with those listed. If the reason given does not look like it matters to you, feel free to ignore that episode.

The *Main Plot* label is only there to point out episodes that you definitely should not skip, since listing the spoiler-lite reasons alone may not be enough. Watching only those episodes is missing out on most of the character development, which is what mainly causes you to care about what happens in those episodes in the first place. While I am not necessarily recommending that you watch every case listed, I am suggesting that you find a balance somewhere in the middle that works for you.

13 [INTL 14] (manga 13-16V2F4-7*): Introduces Miyano Akemi. *Main Plot*Note her importance was far more immediately obvious in the manga (although not the full breadth of it by any means). But the anime creators were idiots, in a way they really seemed to enjoy being at this point in the anime, and changed the ending of this episode completely. Therefore, they had to make a special original followup episode later on when they got to adapting the part of the manga where the implications of the true ending started to become extremely important. Fortunately, I think they learned from this incident and stopped doing things quite so dumb from that point on.

I was just wondering why anime series, Conan in particular, continually produce TV Original and, In Conan's case, Remastered episodes, when they have a couple of whole volumes of manga sitting around, waiting to get adapted.

All of the shows viewed and the novels read are American. I am most interested in looking at the development of the American fictional detective over time. These figures are always in some sense both heroic and mundane, and therefore, it seems to me, reflect both what we are and what we long to be at any given juncture. Of course, it is most interesting to assess the television and novel renderings of character. If differences are especially discernible, we must ask ourselves why this is so.

Some might conclude that Gardner was working in the tradition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. That is, his detective, like Holmes, was deliberately created as a loner for the sake of the surprise ending, and/or that Mason must remain enigmatic or tight-lipped until the end of the story lest the puzzle be spoiled. Though I do not dispute such conclusions, I also believe that such a character reflects his time. 041b061a72


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