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Drone 3: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Camera Drones of 2023

I was looking for a waterproof drone because of my job is related to the sea and one of my passion is to make videos of my job that is in sailing boats. I am using 3 Gopro 7/8 and 2 Insta360 One R Twin edition but I was missing the drone, that's why I started to looking for and try. Having many years of experience with radio controlled airplanes and helicopters, I can say that my SD3 + named Aquilante flies in a fantastic way. I have tried other drones and I must say that this is the most exciting from the point of view of performance, response to commands, precision, versatility and ease to fly in every mode. I am also very pleased with the possibility of having added loads, for example a GoPro that covers another 100 degrees of vision and/or Insta360. I am still experimenting different cameras configurations and flight techniques for shooting sailing videos and I have to say that the results, thanks to the fly versatility of this drone, are simply astonishing. I am working on a new video using all these assets together.At the moment I just can say that I am very fulfill by my purchase, money well spent, I am happy thanks to SwellPro's Team and their Boss!I am just a very satisfied client, I am not paid or sponsored to write nice words. My videos are on Youtube to prove it. YouSail Channel

drone 3

Download apk:

Delivery was slow cause the mail is usually 4 to 6 weeks but it's all good. It's just going to be a waiting game cause of the cold at least -30 to -40 at time until first or second week of March. Just hope this going to be better phantom 3,plus this one has its own monitor and phantom 3 didn't had to use my phone.Anyway I glad I got this waterproof drone will make a big difference. I'll you guys know when I start flying my drone.

I've only been with my splashdrone3 + drone for 3 months and I had only 5 flights and already had problems landing it had the stench of smoke I opened it to remove the battery and I smoke I don't know what happened but it's wrong please I need to know if they can fix it for me He already threw everything with ebay but he told me that he was only a seller who would see the manufacturer and I think it is you, please, I would like to know if you can fix it for me, I don't want the money, just fix it, please, thank you

Dear Roniel, Firstly thanks for your order, and please don't worry, our Swellpro has the customer service team and tech support team. Could you please send me the link where did you buy the drone? Have you tried again after you found this problem? we need know more details to figure it out, could you please advise your email address or please send the email to thank you again

DJI Mavic 3 Hasselblad camera

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Drone 3 for weddings and celebrations

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Drone 3 for agriculture and environment monitoring

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Drone 3 for security and surveillance

Drone 3 for rescue and emergency response

1. Longer flight time at the same compact size: The new form and design allow the drone to carry larger propellers and improve the propulsion efficiency of the propellers and the aircraft, bringing longer flight time.

2. Broader environment sensing range: The new design enables the drone to carry sensors with a larger FOV, further increasing the sensing range and distance. DJI Mini 3 Pro thus provides more powerful visual sensing capabilities, improving flexibility and safety during flight and obstacle avoidance.

* Wind resistance is dependent upon propulsion. Under strong winds, due to the lightweight nature of the drone, slight vibration is expected. High-powered propulsion ensures the drone hovers stably or returns to home safely. DJI Mini 3 Pro automatically controls the gimbal to adjust slightly to ensure that the footage is always stable and not affected by the wind.

1. Before first use, please make sure that the goggles and motion controller have been updated to the latest firmware version. Additionally, use DJI RC-N1, DJI RC, or DJI RC Pro to update the drone to the latest firmware version. Otherwise, the linking between the aircraft and the goggles and motion controller will fail.

3. When the goggles are used with the DJI Mavic 3 Series, the drone supports omnidirectional obstacle sensing and APAS 5.0, 4K/60fps and 1080p/60fps normal video recording, and Explore mode. For intelligent features like MasterShots, QuickShots, and Panorama, only DJI RC-N1, DJI RC, or DJI RC Pro are compatible.

4. When the goggles are used with DJI Mini 3 Pro, the drone supports forward and backward obstacle sensing and APAS 4.0, 4K/60fps, 2.7K/60fps, and 1080p/60fps normal video recording. For vertical shooting and intelligent features like MasterShots, QuickShots, and Panorama, only DJI RC-N1, DJI RC, or DJI RC Pro are compatible.

* Unobstructed, free of interference, and when FCC-compliant. Maximum flight range specification is a proxy for radio link strength and resilience. Always follow local rules and regulations and fly your drone within your visual line of sight unless otherwise permitted.

A: The previous SplashDrone 3 was sold in two versions. Now buy the SplashDrone 3+ as a base platform and add the modules you want to be able to film, fish, rescue, etc. Every module easily and quickly attaches to the drone as required.

A: With the SplashDrone 3+ and the optional GroundStation, if you inadvertently lose or crash your drone out of sight, even with very low batteries, the Location Beacon will instantly provide the drone's location, pinpointed on your mobile device with voltage and altitude data to assist recovery. This feature uses a separate low-frequency (433/915Mhz) signal which propagates well through obstacles. Range 1km.

A: At SwellPro, we are dedicated to the evolution of the waterproof drone. Our R&D department is constantly testing and developing new ideas and products. We will continue to release new imaging and payload release modules for the SplashDrone platform and welcome your ideas for new designs.

A: Yes. The SplashDrone 3+ is built for marine environments with corrosion resistant materials and seals. Like any ruggedized electronics, always rinse the drone thoroughly after use in harsh environments.

Register your drone at FAADroneZone either under part 107 or the Exception for Recreational Flyers. If you are not sure what kind of a drone flyer you are, check out our User Identification Tool or visit our Getting Started webpage to learn more.

Beginning September 16, 2023, all drone pilots required to register their drone must operate their aircraft in accordance with the remote ID rule for pilots, which gives drone owners sufficient time to upgrade their aircraft.

Drone manufacturers have until September 16, 2022 to produce drones with built-in standard remote ID. View Remote ID for Industry. The FAA also encourages the early production of remote ID broadcast modules.

Once you register your drone, you will receive an FAA registration certificate. You must have your registration certificate (either a paper copy or digital copy) in your possession when you fly. If another individual operates your drone, they must have your drone registration certificate (either a paper or digital copy) in their possession. Federal law requires drone operators who are required to register, to show their certificate of registration to any Federal, State, or local law enforcement officer if asked.

Failure to register a drone that requires registration may result in regulatory and criminal penalties. The FAA may assess civil penalties up to $27,500. Criminal penalties include fines of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three (3) years.

When your drone registration expires, you need to renew your registration at the FAADroneZone. If you are having trouble logging into the FAADroneZone, you may need to reset your password (PDF). Be sure to use the email address you used when you originally registered your drone with the FAA.

This thrilling 3-in-1 RC drone can transform into a glider or hovercraft in seconds! With a 98 feet distance, this drone can perform 360-degree stunts in three different modes (low/middle/high speed). The built-in light effects cut through the dark as you fly the drone with the included controller allowing you to perform stunts in the darkest of places. This land and air vehicle has guarded propellers to protect against any dangers and a 6-axis gyro stabilizer allowing your drone to stabilize itself. Explore the land and sky with this easy to fly RC drone.

The Swellpro Splash Drone comes with a video transmitter, a radio remote control, a 4K camera and its stabilizer and an FPV display. The drone can seem rustic at first sight, however he is well developed and finished even if some wires are no hidden. This drone is a true 4X4 amphibious very simple to mount and start.

The drone is super powerful and can easily fight against winds up to 50 km/h and it can land or crash in the water without any worries.There are several interesting flight modes and the handling, once in the air, is very simple.

We had difficulties with the controller who could not receive any image, according to the manufacturer, we may have left the drone too long in the sun. Anyway, the video feedback on the controller is rather good quality.

Once in the air, the Splash is as easy as a Phantom or a DJI. However be carefull this drone is extremely powerful and does not have pale cover. Be careful therefore to respect the flight instructions! The main quality of the Splash Drone is to be able to land on water without any problem. You can even film the seabed from the surface.

Unlike the last drone from DJI, the Splash Drone is quite large. It comes in a practical but bulky case. Of course, this is not a drone that you will carry everywhere in your backpack and it is not its goal anyway.

This drone is for you if you are looking for a sturdy drone that will withstand seawater. The drones we usually use, would not have survived more than 5 minutes to our various tests. So if you like to fly over water, if you are looking for a drone for your boat or if you want a indestructible drone, the Splash drone is for you.

You'd think that after launching a ton of products in 2022, DJI would be finished for the year. However, that isn't quite the case, as it just announced the DJI Mini 3 drone aimed at the consumer market. It's a stripped down version of the Mini 3 Pro, with no forward or rear obstacle detection, no ActiveTrack and video that's limited to 4K 30p. Those compromises are reflected in the price, meaning you'll pay $469 for just the drone compared to $669 for the Mini 3 Pro.


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