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But the low number of test riders was a bit of a surprise to me, and I'd guess a disappointment to the Can-Am team. This speaks to a larger problem that Bombardier Recreational Products faces - while sales have presumably been good enough to keep Spyders rolling off assembly lines for going on eight years now, there still doesn't seem to be a whole lot of widespread interest in the Spyder, among riders and non-riders alike. It's still a niche machine, a curiosity. But why

Part of the problem - maybe the biggest - is BRP's pricing. Dollar-wise, there's no "entry-level" Spyder. The Can-Am website allows you to "build" your Spyder and gives you the price as well as the projected payments. The cheapest model, a base RS, starts at $14,999. Assuming you finance it through BRP (at a 6% APR), you're looking at a monthly payment of $289.97. That's a car payment - which would be fine if you plan on using your Spyder as your only vehicle. And while many motorcyclists do just that with their bikes, many more don't - or can't, thanks to weather changes. (In the plus column for the Spyder: It's definitely a three-season machine, and I think it'd be a hoot to mount some snow tires on it and see how well it would fare in a blizzard.) From there, the prices jump considerably: the Spyder ST (Sport Touring) model starts at $19,199, the F3 starts at $19,499, and the base RT Touring model starts at $23,199.

"Ah!," you say. "My bike is my toy! Why shouldn't a Spyder fill the same role" It certainly could, but that goes right back to the question at hand. Not many people can afford a $15,000 weekend fun machine - least of all a trike that fills up a one-car garage. If you live somewhere that actually has winter, you need to store it, and that could pose a problem for folks who don't have the garage space.

Then there's the problem of customer support. A search for BRP-certified local dealers in Carlsbad CA (my hometown) on the Can-Am website yielded 12 results. Good, right Not so fast. Of those, only two were within 11 miles. The next closest was 26 miles south of me. The others were no closer than 45 miles away. A look at the search results for Los Angeles didn't inspire any more confidence. According to the Can-Am Spyder website, LA County has only three certified dealerships (Redondo Beach, Whittier and Glendora). This isn't merely a hassle for riders who might want to customize their Spyders. It's safe to assume that being a unique vehicle, the Spyder requires a unique skillset to do repair work on it. A lack of mechanics who are qualified to work on the Can-Am Spyder would certainly be a reason to invest one's money in a traditional motorcycle...or even a Harley factory-built trike.

And sadly, that's where the rider age factor comes in. There's a sense among riders that trikes are for people who simply can't ride a motorcycle. There's probably a fair amount of truth in that, as the physical demands a motorcycle places on a rider may be too much for riders who reach a certain age. I was the youngest guy in my test ride group - and I'm 45. Granted, I'm good shape for my age; I still play rugby and surf on a regular basis, and I'd like to think that I've got a couple more decades of riding on two wheels left in me. And yes, I'm keenly aware that this was the result of my ego at work, but I felt older than my years when thinking about the reasons I might buy a Spyder over a bike. Rider age also pulls the Spyder's price range back into the equation: It's a fair assumption that someone in their 50's and 60's could probably afford a $20,000+ vehicle, whereas someone just starting out in their career most likely hasn't reached that income level.

All that aside, though, I'd buy a Can-Am Spyder. It seems like it'd be a blast to take on long weekend trips (or even extended road expeditions) with my girlfriend, it'd be nice to have when southern California traffic gets especially gnarly, it gets better gas mileage than a car and above all else, it is a lot of fun to ride. And it's a purchase one can feel good about, holistically speaking. I've said this before: All motorcyclists benefit from alternate vehicles like the Spyder - reducing the number of cars on the road is better for riders, better for cagers, better for the environment. Maybe one day BRP will release a model than I can actually afford.

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Locations, dates, pricing, and registration for our 2023 Adult Challenge Cup Hockey Tournaments is now live. Please click on the tournaments button in the menu above and select "men's" or "women's" for more information.

Are you interested in bringing a CAN/AM Hockey tournament or camp to your hometown If you have a great location and would be willing to facilitate introductions with your arena, please call our staff or click here to contact us. 59ce067264


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