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unless the webmaster is your employee, they own the rights and/or the blame for the work. typical web site design contracts contain clauses obligating the webmaster to provide all the material free of encumbrances, and deed it or license it to the customer. in turn webmasters are usually held harmless for material they inherit from the client, site owner.

though there are many image-editing websites, this site has the best tools to facilitate your work. it offers you a simple way to select, edit, crop, rotate, resize, and apply filters to your photo/vector. of course, these are all free and its fast and easy to use.

these images are available for non-commercial use. this means that you are free to use these images in projects for personal and non-commercial use. all of the images on this website may be freely used, copied, and incorporated into any type of project, even for a commercial use, as long as they are not sold and/or reproduced.

depending on the license the images are available under, they may be used in projects for commercial or non-commercial purposes. you may use these without issue if they are purchased from a commercial source, such as a photographer or an agency. if you are using them in a personal or commercial project, then you are in violation of the license, unless you have an extended license or they are provided to you as a gift.

stock photo libraries the getty images and istockphoto libraries are among the most comprehensive photo libraries available online, rivaling the collections of professional photo agencies. in fact, most modern photography is done with a digital camera, and these libraries allow you to browse high-resolution images using your computer, rather than viewing them on your camera's monitor. the vast size of each library also makes it easier to browse images at a time. 3d9ccd7d82


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