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Demian Tretyakov
Demian Tretyakov

[S15E6] Hot Shots

A rainy night with delicate music inside a church starts the episode. A mysterious underground tunnel and ancient fresco add to the mystery. Next thing you know, a dead body arrives. Nelson is shocked at Wilding's utterly unkempt abode. Meanwhile, Barnaby is shocked at how many baby items are needed to own a baby! Several unique camera shots and a dark grey hue creates the atmosphere. The lovely village exteriors and quirky characters are nicely familiar, but the unique charm of the Tom and Joyce seasons is noticeably missing--maybe it's the loss of all the original actors, the most recent being Jones. Michael Jayston as Reverend Gould adds the much needed depth to the episode, but it's not enough to make an impact. And an hour in, it is all just flat boring. The true motive comes out of nowhere, and it should have been part of the plot in some way as it is the only interesting bit in the story.

[S15E6] Hot Shots



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