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How Renee Carlino's Before We Were Strangers.epub Will Make You Believe in Second Chances

Renee Carlino Before We Were Strangers.epub: A Review

Have you ever wondered what happened to your first love? Have you ever wished for a second chance to reconnect with them? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might want to read Renee Carlino's novel Before We Were Strangers.epub. This is a heart-wrenching and captivating story of two people who lost each other and found each other again after 15 years. In this article, I will give you a brief overview of the book, introduce you to the author, and tell you why you should read it.

Renee Carlino Before We Were Strangers.epub


What is the book about?

Before We Were Strangers.epub is a contemporary romance novel that follows the lives of Matt Skyler and Grace Stanton, two former lovers who met in college and had a passionate relationship. They were inseparable until they graduated and moved to different cities. They promised to keep in touch, but life got in the way and they drifted apart. They never forgot each other, but they moved on with their careers and relationships. Until one day, 15 years later, Matt sees Grace on a crowded subway platform in New York City. He tries to catch up with her, but he misses her by seconds. He decides to post a missed connection ad on Craigslist, hoping that she will see it and contact him. He writes:

To the Green-eyed Girl in the Purple Sweater:

We shared a smile on the F train on Friday. You were wearing a purple sweater and had an old camera around your neck. I was wearing a leather jacket and had a guitar case. You got off at 14th Street. I tried to follow you, but I lost you in the crowd.

I don't know if you remember me. We met 15 years ago at NYU. You were a photography major and I was a music major. We lived in the same dorm. We were friends first, then lovers. You were my first and only love.

We had plans to move to California together after graduation, but something happened and we never did. We lost touch and I never saw you again.

Until Friday.

I don't know if you're married or have kids or if you're happy or not. I don't know if you still think about me or if you hate me or if you even care.

All I know is that I never stopped loving you.

If you see this, please email me at

I need to see you again.


The ad goes viral and reaches Grace, who is shocked and curious to hear from Matt after so long. She decides to email him and they agree to meet for coffee. What follows is a roller coaster of emotions as they revisit their past, confront their present, and explore their future. Will they rekindle their old flame or realize that they are better off as strangers?

Who is the author?

Renee Carlino is a bestselling author of several romance novels, including Swear on This Life, Wish You Were Here, Blind Kiss, and The Last Post. She is known for her realistic and relatable characters, her witty and engaging writing style, and her ability to make readers laugh, cry, and swoon. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two sons, and their sweet dog, June. Before We Were Strangers.epub is her fourth novel and was published in 2015.

Why should you read it?

Before We Were Strangers.epub is a book that will make you feel all kinds of emotions. It will make you smile, laugh, cry, and sigh. It will make you remember your own first love and wonder what could have been. It will make you believe in the power of love and the magic of fate. It will make you root for Matt and Grace and hope that they will find their way back to each other. It will make you appreciate the people in your life and the moments that matter. It will make you think about the choices you make and the consequences they have. It will make you want to live your life to the fullest and never give up on your dreams.

Main body

The plot

The plot of Before We Were Strangers.epub is divided into three parts: the past, the present, and the future. Each part alternates between Matt's and Grace's perspectives, giving the reader a glimpse into their thoughts and feelings.

The past

The past covers the time when Matt and Grace met in college and fell in love. They were both creative and ambitious students who shared a passion for music and photography. They became friends first, then lovers. They had a lot of fun together, exploring New York City, going to concerts, taking pictures, making love, and dreaming of their future. They were happy and in love, until things started to fall apart.

The first sign of trouble was when Matt's father died unexpectedly, leaving him devastated and lost. He decided to drop out of school and pursue his music career in Los Angeles. He asked Grace to go with him, but she hesitated. She wanted to finish her degree and had an internship offer at a prestigious magazine. She also had doubts about Matt's commitment and stability. She loved him, but she was afraid to leave everything behind for him.

The second sign of trouble was when Grace's estranged mother showed up at their graduation ceremony, causing a scene and upsetting Grace. She revealed that she had terminal cancer and wanted to reconnect with Grace before she died. She also offered to pay for Grace's tuition at a graduate school in London. Grace was conflicted about her mother's sudden appearance and offer. She felt guilty for rejecting her mother, but she also felt angry for being abandoned by her when she was a child. She wanted to pursue her education and career, but she also wanted to be with Matt.

The third sign of trouble was when Matt and Grace had a big fight on their last night together in New York City. They argued about their plans, their feelings, their fears, and their expectations. They said hurtful things to each other that they didn't mean. They ended up breaking up and parting ways without saying goodbye.

The present

The present covers the time when Matt and Grace reconnected after 15 years of silence. They met for coffee at a cafe near their old dorm. They were nervous and excited to see each other again. They tried to catch up on each other's lives, but they also avoided talking about their past.

Matt told Grace that he moved to Los Angeles after they broke up and became a successful musician. He toured around the world with his band, sold millions of albums, dated famous women, and lived the rock star lifestyle. He seemed to have it all, but he was unhappy and lonely. He never got over Grace and never found anyone who could replace her in his heart.

Grace told Matt that she moved to London after they broke up and became a successful photographer. She worked for various magazines, traveled around the world, took amazing pictures, and won awards. She seemed to have it all, but she was unhappy and lonely too. She never got over Matt either and never found anyone who could match him in her soul.

Matt and Grace realized that they still had feelings for each other, but they also realized that they had changed a lot over the years. They had different lives, different careers, different goals, different problems. They wondered if they could still fit into each other's worlds or if they were better off as strangers.

The future

```html They had a lot of fun together, just like they did in college. They went surfing, hiking, biking, and shopping. They cooked, watched movies, played games, and cuddled. They made love, talked, laughed, and cried. They felt like they were young and in love again.

But they also faced some challenges and conflicts. They had to deal with their unresolved issues from the past, their current situations in the present, and their uncertain plans for the future. They had to confront their fears, doubts, regrets, and mistakes. They had to compromise, communicate, trust, and forgive. They had to decide if they were willing to risk their hearts again or if they were better off as strangers.

What did they choose? You'll have to read the book to find out.

The characters

The characters of Before We Were Strangers.epub are well-developed and realistic. They are flawed and complex, but also likable and relatable. They have their own personalities, backgrounds, motivations, and goals. They grow and change throughout the story.

Matt Skyler

Matt Skyler is the male protagonist of the book. He is a 37-year-old musician who lives in Los Angeles. He is handsome, charming, talented, and successful. He has a loyal fan base, a lucrative contract, and a luxurious lifestyle. He is also kind, funny, generous, and romantic. He is the perfect boyfriend material.

But Matt is not happy with his life. He feels empty and restless. He is bored with his music career and dissatisfied with his relationships. He has a bad reputation as a womanizer and a troublemaker. He has a lot of baggage from his past that he hasn't dealt with. He suffers from depression and anxiety. He is addicted to alcohol and drugs. He is the perfect mess.

Matt's life changes when he sees Grace again after 15 years. He realizes that he still loves her and that she is the only one who can make him happy. He decides to pursue her and win her back. He tries to prove to her that he has changed and that he can be a better man for her. He tries to overcome his demons and face his fears. He tries to find his true self and his true purpose.

Grace Stanton

Grace Stanton is the female protagonist of the book. She is a 36-year-old photographer who lives in New York City. She is beautiful, smart, talented, and successful. She has a prestigious job, a comfortable apartment, and a supportive family. She is also sweet, loyal, creative, and adventurous. She is the perfect girlfriend material.

But Grace is not happy with her life either. She feels lonely and unfulfilled. She is tired of her job and unhappy with her marriage. She has a cheating husband who doesn't appreciate her or respect her. She has a lot of insecurities from her past that she hasn't resolved. She suffers from low self-esteem and trust issues. She is the perfect victim.

Grace's life changes when she hears from Matt again after 15 years. She realizes that she still loves him too and that he is the only one who can make her feel alive. She decides to give him another chance and see if they can work things out. She tries to open up to him and share her secrets with him. She tries to heal her wounds and let go of her grudges. She tries to find her true happiness and her true passion.

Other supporting characters

There are other supporting characters in Before We Were Strangers.epub who play important roles in the story. Some of them are:

  • Aaron: Matt's best friend and bandmate who helps him with his music career and personal problems.

  • Lila: Grace's best friend and coworker who helps her with her photography career and marital issues.

  • James: Grace's husband who cheats on her with another woman and treats her poorly.

  • Sophia: Matt's ex-girlfriend who still loves him and tries to get him back.

  • Maggie: Grace's mother who abandoned her when she was a child and reappeared when she was dying of cancer.

  • Frank: Matt's father who died when he was in college and left him a guitar as a legacy.

The themes

The themes of Before We Were Strangers.epub are universal and timeless. They are relevant and relatable to anyone who has ever loved and lost someone. Some of them are:

Love and loss

The main theme of the book is love and loss. It explores the different types and stages of love, such as friendship, romance, passion, commitment, and unconditional love. It also explores the different causes and effects of loss, such as death, distance, time, change, betrayal, and regret. It shows how love and loss can shape a person's life, for better or for worse.

Fate and chance

Another theme of the book is fate and chance. It examines the role of destiny and coincidence in a person's life. It questions whether some things are meant to be or not, whether some people are meant to meet or not, whether some events are meant to happen or not. It shows how fate and chance can bring people together or tear them apart, how they can create opportunities or obstacles, how they can make miracles or tragedies.

Forgiveness and healing

Another theme of the book is forgiveness and healing. It explores the process and importance of forgiving oneself and others for the mistakes and hurts they have caused or suffered. It also explores the process and importance of healing oneself and others from the wounds and scars they have inflicted or endured. It shows how forgiveness and healing can lead to peace and happiness, how they can restore trust and hope, how they can enable growth and change.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Before We Were Strangers.epub is a captivating and emotional story of two people who lost each other and found each other again after 15 years. It is a story that will make you feel all kinds of emotions, from joy to sorrow, from anger to love. It is a story that will make you think about your own life choices and consequences, your own love stories and endings. It is a story that will make you appreciate the people in your life and the moments that matter.

Personal opinion and recommendation

Personally, I loved this book. I think it is one of the best romance novels I have ever read. I think the author did a great job of creating realistic and relatable characters, writing witty and engaging dialogues, and weaving a compelling and touching plot. I think the book has a perfect balance of humor and drama, of sweetness and sadness, of hope and despair. I think the book has a lot of lessons to teach and messages to deliver.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves romance novels, especially those who like second-chance stories. I would also recommend this book to anyone who likes stories that are realistic and relatable, that are funny and sad, that are hopeful and inspiring. I would also recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good book that will make them feel something.


  • Q: Where can I buy Before We Were Strangers.epub?

  • A: You can buy it online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, or Google Play. You can also buy it from your local bookstore or library.

  • Q: Is Before We Were Strangers.epub based on a true story?

  • A: No, it is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story that was inspired by the author's own experiences and imagination.

  • Q: Is Before We Were Strangers.epub part of a series?

  • A: No, it is not part of a series. It is a standalone novel that has a complete ending.

  • Q: Is Before We Were Strangers.epub suitable for young readers?

  • A: No, it is not suitable for young readers. It contains mature themes, explicit language, sexual content, drug use, and violence. It is intended for adult readers only.

  • Q: Is Before We Were Strangers.epub going to be adapted into a movie or a TV show?

  • A: There is no official confirmation yet, but there are rumors that it might be adapted into a movie or a TV show in the future.



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