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Treasure Hunter Claire Free Download (Uncensored)

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Treasure Hunter Claire Free Download (Uncensored)

The battle between the hero and the demon king has ended and the world was at peace. Since monsters are still wreaking havoc, humans have teamed up with demons to defeat the raging monsters. In this peaceful world lived a treasure hunter, the protagonist Claire. Claire heard the rumor of a treasure who could grant any wish and traveled to the fabled land of Alstroemeria. The word of treasure in Alstroemeria had made him explode with activity. And Claire was not alone, as there were many other adventurers in search of the treasure. She arrived in the town that served as a stage and while walking around town, she came across a mysterious shop and met its owner. She introduced herself as Milith and said that there was treasure at the shrine in the temple to the north. Claire didn't fully trust her, but with no further clue, she decided to investigate. The temple had an ethereal atmosphere and exuded a strange aura. Still, Claire finally reached the shrine at the back of the temple. She found what appeared to be treasure and reached for it only to be enveloped in bright light. Before she knew what was going on, Claire was faced with a beautiful woman. Introducing herself as the goddess protecting the island, she said that Claire had the power of the hero within. She said while everyone was looking for treasure, a villain who wanted to ruin the world started looking for it too. And so she wished Claire would get the treasure from the villain. The goddess said that she believed that the hero's blood slumbered in Claire. As Claire performed a ceremony to awaken her, she felt the hero's strength build up inside her. It was certainly the hero's power. The goddess explained that the hero's power can be strengthened by collecting life essences. Claire would have to collect essences to turn on. Still, Claire vowed to keep looking for the treasure in order to grant her wish. And so began her exciting journey with her friends to get a treasure!See also Crystal Project Free Download (v1.0.1)

DescriptionSystem RequirementsGame MediaMore InfoAbout this game:Treasure Hunter Claire tells the story of Claire, the protagonist, who finds herself in the fairy-tale land of Alstroemeria. While traveling through the fictional world, she will come across riches and treasures. The player takes control of the heroine to learn about the end of the war between the Demon King and the Warmaster. But not all deadly monsters have been destroyed and are still killing civilians and moving across the continent. Claire is a treasure hunter who wants to get to the jewels by any means necessary. One day she heard a legend about hidden chests of gold and artifacts. She decided to go to Alstroemeria, but she was not alone, because of which she will meet other treasure seekers on the way. The gameplay begins with how the ward arrives in the town, acting as a springboard. Passing between the streets, Claire saw a mysterious store and its owner named Milit. The heroine asked if she knew about the treasures hidden in the sanctuary of one of the temples. As soon as the protagonist gets to the designated place, she finds a strange thing. Grabbing this item, she was enveloped in a bright light and found herself in the face of a beautiful woman who introduced herself as the Goddess protecting the island. After a short dialogue, Claire learns that she has the power of the Hero within herself. The found cache helped the ward to get a powerful force, and with the help of it you have to fight the villain and destroy the monsters wandering around the neighborhood.

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In such a peaceful world, our protagonist namedClaire, makes a living as a treasure hunter!In search of great relic said to grant whatever wishyou may have she makes her way to Alstromelia.

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Description:You all love game called Lust Epidemic. This is the followup for it. You play as the guy who's father just died. He was a great adventurer. Now you're at his funeral, meeting other close people. You will do your best to become a great treasure hunter, too. On your way you'll meet a lot of girls who will help or distract you from your goals. Let the story begin.More: Walkthrough Help ToN Walkthrough Part 1.pdf ToN_Walkthrough_Part_2.pdfVisit NLT Media and support them.Version: Updated: 2023-03-18, Posted: 2010-02-24. Request for an Update!

Treasure Hunter Claire is an RPGMaker game developed by Acerola and published by Kagura Games. It follows the story of Claire, a treasure hunter who is searching for a specific treasure that is said to grant any wish. After hearing that the treasure might be on the fabled island of Astroemeria, she travels there. Unfortunately for Claire, other treasure hunters picked up on this rumour and have gone there too. While in Astroemeria, Claire enters an old temple and meets a beautiful woman, calling herself the Goddess of the Island. The Goddess tells her that she is the descendant of the Legendary Hero who battled the Demon King a long time ago. If Claire wants to have her wish granted, she will need to collect as much sperm as possible to make herself more powerful. 041b061a72


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