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Play as 16 Different Cartoon Network Captains in Superstar Soccer: Goal!!!

Superstar Soccer: Goal!!! is an exciting game where players can become soccer superstars alongside their favorite Cartoon Network characters. Choose from 16 captains representing popular shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and We Bare Bears. Unleash unique moves and strategies to create awesome soccer plays and compete in multiplayer matches against other players. With Grizz from We Bare Bears as the energetic commentator, power-ups that can change the game, and the ultimate goal of winning the Superstar Cup, the game promises a thrilling and fun-filled soccer experience.

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The Over Under Court includes space for both basketball and futsal using Goalpher design technology that features an underground goal system that lifts and installs a soccer goal in seconds. OUI was founded in 2018 by former professional soccer player Kyle Martino, OUI is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of kids by increasing access to sports while also promoting values like teamwork and resiliency.

To officially open the court, Republic FC hosted a free youth soccer clinic for children from the neighborhood. Each year, the club works with non-profit partners at various futsal courts and community parks to provide free youth soccer programming to serve hundreds of youth. All participants received a free soccer ball and tickets to an upcoming Republic FC match, helping to grow the next generation of soccer superstars and fans.


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