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Alicia Keys Kontakt Serial Number


Alicia Keys Kontakt Serial Number

Did you add the serial number into Native Access After that it should show up in your list of Not Installed and then you should be able to point NA to the right folder where you've downloaded the content. It'll show up in Kontakt after that, fingers crossed...

Any Kontakt-based libraries (which includes Albion One and many others prior to the previous couple years) need to be added manually to Native Access using the serial number. Your serial would be in an email from Spitfire letting you know that your product is ready for download, toward the bottom. Copy your serial and in Native Access at the top left it says "Add Serial." Paste in there, wait a few minutes, and it will then be added to your Kontakt library view. You may have to manually point Native Access to where Spitfire installed the actual content as well (when you hover there is a button that says locate). Hope that helps. 1e1e36bf2d


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