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Happy Jawbone Family Band - Tastes The Broom (2013) BEST

7-1/2. Happy Jawbone Family Band Tastes the Broom 1. Now Everybody Rock Like You Got AIDS (off Family Matters) 2. Fireflies Made Out of Dust (off Hotel Double Tragedy) 3. At the Hotel Double Tragedy (off Hotel Double Tragedy) 4. Fistful of Butter (off the Return of Hotel Double Tragedy) 5. There's Too Much Blood in the Attic Today (off the Silk Pistol) 6. Book of Fire (off OK Midnight, You Win) 7. That Cruel Thimbleful (off the Silk Pistol) 8. Martian Santa (off A Happy Jawbone Family X-mas Gift to You, 2011. Volume 1: Operation Ho-Ho-Ho) 9. Don't Tread on the Museums of Your Youth (off Hotel Double Tragedy) 2013. Happy Jawbone Family Band's greatest flops! For this release we collected all our favorite songs from past releases that no one ever heard of and we gave them to Mexican Summer Records so they could get people to listen to them and now they aren't really flops anymore. These are the songs that I keep tacked to my inner-most walls. Get the 12" LP or the download here: -jawbone-family-band-tastes-the-broom/

Happy Jawbone Family Band - Tastes The Broom (2013)



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