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Steam Api.dll Age Of Empires II HD


Steam Api.dll Age Of Empires II HD

If this.exe file is a program which asks for steam_api.dll, then you probably have a corrupted version of DirectX. Remember: DirectX is a platform independent API, it doesn't matter which platform the game is for.

DirectX is not directly linked to DEFCON because DX is a platform independent API. Several other programs can interact with DirectX, although the main ones are Microsoft's own DirectX API. To find out which program uses DirectX, we suggest you use Dependency Walker. You can download it from the Microsoft website.

Steam_apirajas.dll is a small program that runs after Steam. It is usually used to generate a list of the games that are installed on your computer. If Steam is not running, steam_apirajas.dll will also create a list of any games that are not running and will generate a message about it. If Steam is not running, steam_apirajas.dll will also check the validity of the games installed and some other important settings which are not important if Steam is running.

If you get this error, verify that steam_api.dll is not corrupted. If steam_api.dll is corrupted, then the DEFCON setup will not correctly run and steam_apirajas.dll will produce errors on startup.

Installing steam_api.dll is a very common error, it happens when people install cracked version of the game. It happens because steam_api.dll is part of DEFCON. When you install it Steam overwrites the original steam_api.dll and keeps the cracked version.

Steam provides a.log file for each installation of an application. You can find the install directory for the Steam client by opening steam://msapps in the web browser. The log file usually resides in your Steam directory.

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