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Alcohol 120% v1.9.6.4719 Retail CRACKED: How to Create Virtual Drives and Burn CDs and DVDs

This program is decent. It does more than Daemon tools, but not quite as good as Exact Rewind. It is more stable than Alcohol and as stable as Daemon tools. Ive not had any problems with this software so far. However, one of the limitations is that it will only recognize up to 4 DVD images. In the previous version you could import up to 10, and use them all as DVD images. Also, if you try to open a file that has all 4 DVD images, it will not open the images with DVD icons, but use the image with the file icon. I have noticed it keeps creating unpartitioned "free space" on my drives, but it always deletes the partition as soon as you open it. The partition is 10GB, and the CD image is just a bit less than 5GB. Is there any way to get this program to work with more than 4 DVD images and instead of making additional "Free space"?

Alcohol 120% v 1 9 6 4719 Retail CRACKED free download

Download Zip:

I tested this software from a previous version but came back to a 64 bit version. It took me forever to find out that it was not 32 bit but 64 bit. I changed it from the 64 bit to 32 bit version and it worked fine and looked great. Other than the 64 bit version being absolutely useless for saving images, It is a great program. I wish it had more features but it does what I need. If you get a chance to download a 64 bit version you should. 

The installation of Alcohol went well for me. I couldn't get it to pick up my Sony PVR-120 DVD recorder (from before version 2.0.0.) however once I had it installed Alcohol recognized it and allowed me to use it as a virtual drive.

Various editions released There are a number of different Alcohol editions available on the web. The 2003 version listed below was the original multi-platform edition. A year later, the 2004 version was developed and added the multi-platform compatibility to the Windows platform. The 2005 version was only a Windows edition, and added compatibility with the Mac platform for writing bootable CD/DVD images. In 2006, it was updated with a new interface for the Mac platform and compatibility with the Linux-based Sabnzbd shared article indexing server application. Other known editions include those specifically for DVD burning, named 2009 and one released in 2011. In October 2011, the latest edition, labeled 2010, was released. It added most of the features that were added to the earlier editions, but never added any new features. Alcohol 2.6 is probably the last official edition. X-Ray is a multi platform CD/DVD image-making software that is easy to use. It can be used to rip and copy CDs/DVDs and make CD/DVD images of all common audio, video and data sources. X-Ray can create CD/DVD image files for Mac OS, Linux, Windows, z/OS, AIX, and other popular operating systems such as MS-DOS and even create ISO images. It allows for automatic thumbnail generation, multi-zone burn with multi-layer CDs/DVDs (up to 9) and automatic menu support, making it highly user friendly.


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