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How Do You Buy Audiobooks On Iphone

In Japan, you can search, buy, and download audiobooks from the Browse section of the Book Store tab. Audiobooks are not available in all countries and regions. Learn what's available in your country or region.

how do you buy audiobooks on iphone

Abridged audiobooks are available as a separate item in the Play Store from the full length version of the audiobook. Double check which version of the audiobook you want to buy before you finalize your purchase.

Each hour of audiobook recording requires approximately 15 MB when you play in standard quality. Therefore, an average audiobook lasts 8-10 hours. Be prepared that ten downloaded audiobooks can get 1 GB of internal memory.

If you have tried modern-day audiobooks (the ones available for streaming or downloading, opposite to CDs), and realized you might easily become a heavy user, you should try the Audible app for iPad and iPhone.

But audiobooks are not the only thing to digest on Audible. You can find here original audio shows or short-form narratives. For instance, you can hear A-class celebrities narrating their favorite stories.

Audible lets you choose the preferred way of getting the content. You can either buy audiobooks the traditional way (one by one) or get them via one of Audible subscriptions: Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus. A good thing about subscriptions is that you can download and enjoy audiobooks any time you want without the need to switch to a browser to complete the purchase.

After signing up, it takes just a few taps to find and borrow an ebook or audiobook. You can download audiobooks for offline use, but you can also stream them if you prefer to save space on your iPhone or iPad.

The greatest thing about Libby is that all the content from different libraries appears in a unified shelf, no matter which format they are. So, if your connected libraries offer audiobooks, you can borrow them just like ebooks. And you can play them within the app.

Benefits: All kinds of digital books in one place, easy to use, sync between connected devices, audiobooks are subscription-free, CarPlay supportCompatibility: iPad, iPhonePrice: Free

When it comes to features, the Nook app connects you with the Nook audiobook store offering over 100,000 books, some of them available at reduced prices. You can try most audiobooks by downloading their free samples.

In the LibriVox catalog, you will find audiobooks recorded in over 30 languages. The app is a top destination for literary classics, but you can also see here biographies, history books, short stories, and poetry. platform offers over 100,000 premium-quality audiobooks. Over 8,000 can be downloaded for free. The company claims that hundreds of new audiobooks are being added to the catalog every week.

Benefits: Ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines in a single app; unlimited number of downloads for subscribersCompatibility: iPad, iPhonePrice: Free; subscriptions from $8.99/month

Maybe there are too many complaints about the inconvenience that purchasing kindle books via browser on iphone, finally Amazon allows users to buy audible book directly in Audible app with Credit. If you have no credits in your audible account, please buy audible books via browser.

You will be directed to the thank you page indicating successful completion of purchase. After buying, if you want to listen to the audiobook, open the Audible App and go to Library. All of your purchased audiobooks will appear here.

The iPhone and iPad are perfect devices for listening to audiobooks. Apple sells audiobooks via the iBooks Store, accessed via the iBooks app, and you can also listen to any audiobooks on Audible, if you pay a subscription.

Since iOS 8.4 audiobooks have been available from the iBooks Store, accessed via the iBooks app on your iPad, or iPhone. Once you download an audiobook it will be available to listen to in the iBooks app.

Complicating matters somewhat is that audiobooks still live in iTunes Store on the Mac (and play in iTunes). So if you want to download an audiobook on your Mac, you do that through the iTunes Store. No wonder people are confused!

It is now possible to buy new audiobooks and add them to your Audible library without having to use the web browser. (Update: Some readers are telling us they have had this ability for a while. We have reached out to Audible for clarity.)

The Audie Awards is a premier awards program recognizing distinction in audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment. Winners across 26 competitive categories will be revealed at the Audie Awards Gala on March 28.

In addition to audiobooks, you can also support your local, independent bookstores buy purchasing print versions of books through the new Bookstore link platform. This is a unique offering from that connects readers with local bookstores to purchase the books they want instead of Amazon. The local bookstore keeps 100% of the sale. Yes 100%. Using is such a great way to shop local and support your independent booksellers. is the first audiobook company to make it possible for customers to purchase audiobooks through their local bookstore of choice. A small, independent company themselves, partners with 900+ bookstore partners across 1,000+ locations. (You can select your own bookstore location here.) offers over 125,000 audiobooks including NY Times Best Sellers. Even better, the recommendations come from the booksellers! I love going into my favorite local bookstore and asking them what I should read next. This is the next best thing!

But before you press Play on that bestseller, you might want to first read up on choosing an app for your audiobooks. There are a lot of options out there and you might find that some are better suited to your needs and budget.

Much like Hoopla, Libby lets you borrow from your local library. It works with about 90% of libraries in North America. The signup process is easy and you might even be able to sign up for a library card in the process through a zip code and phone number search. The audiobook player has a sleep timer, bookmarks, and the ability to adjust the playback speed. You can listen to Libby audiobooks on iOS and Android devices.

M4B is the native format of Audiobooks on all iOS devices and is famous for its simplicity. If you are looking for how to open an M4B file on your iPhone, then you need to visit the iBooks section of your iPhone as all the M4B files stay there. There you will see all of your audiobooks, just tap on them and listen to those audiobooks. If you don't have any audiobooks, then transfer them using the WALTR PRO application.

The conventional way to add audiobooks to iBooks is through the Apple iTunes store, where you can search for audiobooks and purchase the ones you like. The problem with iTunes is that there are very limited audiobooks available for the users. That is why we suggest people download them from sites like LibriVox, Lit2Go, etc on their computer and then add them to the iPhone device using WALTR PRO.

The simplest and quickest way to transfer audiobooks to iPhone is to use an awesome utility app called WALTR PRO. The entire process won't take you more than a minute and you'll learn the struggle-free way to add audiobooks to your iPhone.

You can now start listening to the best audiobooks the internet has to offer on an iPhone. Remember, that if you add M4B to your iPhone, it will land in your Apple Books app. If you add MP3 to your iPhone, it will land into your Apple Music app.

WALTR PRO is a great option if you want to transfer the audiobook from computer to iPhone (iPod) without iTunes. It doesn't matter which format you choose, as WALTR PRO supports all. Obviously, if you choose to add M4B audiobooks to your iPhone, you will get all the benefits mentioned in our M4B vs MP3 comparison.

But there's also a big perk of listening to M4B audiobooks instead of MP3. You can mark a point where you stopped a file. This means that, as you pause your audiobook, you'll start from that point next time you open it.

The last thing: M4B stays in iBooks, but MP3 files go to the Music app. This is probably the most crucial difference. So, if you're using an iPhone, but still choose to transfer audiobooks in MP3, you can check out our in-depth article with 5 simple ways how to add MP3 to iPhone.

Since we're all different, some of us prefer listening to audiobooks on iPhone. So if you're such a person, audiobooks are what you need. Luckily, WALTR PRO is the perfect app to add audiobooks to iPhone without iTunes sync. It's very simple and powerful.

Nowadays, a growing number of people are listening to audiobooks on their iPhones. Some tourists will enjoy audiobooks with their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Or you may just need audio to focus on what you get down to. 041b061a72


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