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From Season 1 Complete Pack

Attack On Titan season 1 certainly draws its audience in and hooks them, leaving them wanting more. The suspense, thrill and brilliant character development only adds to the desperation of wanting to learn more about the Titans and where they come from. Through this complete collection of season 1, it is evident why the manga become so well received and brought on various adaptations, OVAs and spin-offs.

From Season 1 Complete Pack

Each episode in the game features a sandbox-type environment the player can freely explore. Players can incapacitate specific NPCs and wear their clothes as disguises, which allow Agent 47 to access restricted areas, initiate conversations with targets or other NPCs, and perform actions that would otherwise be highly suspicious. Some NPCs, referred to as "Enforcers", will see through 47's disguises.[14] Agent 47 can try to blend in to prevent this from happening.[15] Levels can accommodate about 300 NPCs, each of which reacts to the player's actions differently and has their own unique routines.[16] Acting strangely, such as crouching or taking cover in a crowd, will raise suspicions.[10][4] If 47 tries to enter a restricted area, he may have to be frisked by guards, requiring him to discard weapons or illegal items before being searched.[5] The artificial intelligence (AI) of NPCs has several alert phases. Guards will escort Agent 47 from a restricted area if he is found trespassing and his disguise may be compromised if a NPC sees him perform an illegal action. An alert guard will first try to arrest 47, but if he resists or tries to run, they will open fire on him.[10] Guards can be distracted[10] and Agent 47 can hide the bodies of incapacitated individuals and other evidence to avoid alerting other NPCs.[17] Agent 47 can also enter Instinct Mode, which highlights the locations of the targets, as well as useful items, guards, and other important information.[18] After eliminating his target(s), Agent 47 needs to locate an exit to complete a mission. A player's mission performance review is rated with a five-star rating system and is influenced by factors such as time elapsed, the number of non-target NPCs killed, sightings of 47 performing illegal activities, appearances on CCTV cameras, and discoveries of victims' bodies.[19]

Diana's analysts intercept a memo indicating Japanese authorities have recently detained a man on a flight to Australia who showed signs of infection and have ordered him to be quarantined in the GAMA medical facility. 47 infiltrates the hospital to eliminate the man, who is identified as Owen Cage, a radical virus researcher who helped design the Nabazov virus and infected himself with the intention of becoming Patient Zero. An additional target is Klaus Liebleid, an Ether scientist overseeing the quarantine effort while secretly trying to extract as much information about the virus as he can so that Ether can reverse engineer Cage's work and profit from it. Despite Cage being kept in isolation, the virus can spread to other people and 47 must kill all infected individuals to eliminate the virus. After 47 completes the contract the virus is destroyed.

However despite teaching the controls and the fundamentals of Hitman, developers still felt they had to teach player how to set their own goals so this led to the idea of the 'Freeform training' mission. In this mission players are asked to replay the yacht level from the 'Guided training' again but this time without any of the guidance and with more items such as remote explosives available to play with. This mission acted as a place to introduce the challenge system of the game to encourage players to seek out other areas and assassinations in the level. Playtesters were given a list of challenges on paper that were deliberately designed to be simple and to work well together. For example one of the challenges is to find the rat poison on the yacht, which then leads into the challenge to kill the target via drowning. This resulted in players setting their own goals and becoming creative in trying to complete all the different challenges. The level also acted as a safe setting for players to experiment with different ideas and understand how NPCs would react.[36]

Hitman is always online due to the inclusion of Elusive Targets who can only be killed once. The making of Elusive Targets did not impact the game's level design; the team used a different design philosophy compared with the main game. Players are not allowed to replay Elusive Targets because the team felt this would create a tense experience and prevent players from noticing imperfections that would make the experience less enjoyable.[40] Elusive Targets were designed to be memorable; they do not always have connections to the main story, which gave the team more freedom to create characters that fit the setting and theme of each map. The team avoided releasing Elusive Targets in a newly released map; they wanted to give sufficient time for players to master and explore the level. The development team observed the ways players completed Elusive Targets, their play pattern and feedback, and made adjustments to make future targets more challenging.[41] Hannes Seifert, the head of IO Interactive, described Elusive Targets as "the pulse" of the experience that has "energised" the community and boosted the game's sales.[42] This mode was intended to provide bursts of content to the player during intervals between episodes. In July 2016, a companion app that allows players to keep track of online content released for the game was released.[43]

Hitman was originally set to be released on 8 December 2015 for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, but its release was postponed to 11 March 2016 to allow time for IO Interactive to include more content in the base game.[48] The PlayStation 4 version of the game includes six exclusive missions known as The Sarajevo Six. Players who pre-ordered the game gained access to its beta, which was released for PlayStation 4 on 12 February and for Windows on 19 February 2016.[49][50] No season pass was available at launch; the company considered the addition of paid content a "wrong approach".[51] Players who pre-ordered the game also received a costume pack based on a mission from Blood Money and two in-game weapons.[52] A beta was released prior to the game's official launch.[53] Feral Interactive released the Definitive Edition on Linux and macOS on 16 February and 20 June 2017 respectively.[54][55]

A sequel titled Hitman 2 was released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in November 2018 for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.[82] "Hitman: Legacy Pack" was released on 9 November 2018 as DLC for Hitman 2; all of the missions from the first season of the game were made available in the new game with the improved game mechanics used in Hitman 2.[83] Another sequel, Hitman 3, was released in January 2021. Players can import levels from Hitman into Hitman 3.[84]

The locations received praise from critics. Williams liked the vast and lively levels, which he described as "playgrounds" players can freely explore and observe.[109] Savage also said the levels are "intricate" and "dense", meaning players would have plenty to do in each level, encouraging them to replay the game.[112] He also liked the variety of the levels presented, especially later levels, which he said add new challenges to the game. GameSpot's Brett Todd also admired the complex design of each level and commented, "the levels are so big and so packed with details that they take on lives of their own, much like separate movies in a franchise".[113] Writing for Game Informer, Jeff Marchiafava said the levels are too big and that players could not stumble upon meaningful opportunities in an organic and spontaneous manner. He also said a lot of trial and error was needed for later episodes because the rules had changed, resulting in a lot of frustration.[114] Eurogamer's Edwin Evans-Thirlwell was disappointed the AI did not react sufficiently to the players' actions.[115] Critics generally agreed Paris was a promising start to the series, though Sapienza was often named as the game's high point due to the map's complex layout, location variety, and creative assassinations. Marrakesh and Hokkaido released to a generally positive reception but Bangkok and Colorado were considered to be weaker levels because the assassinations are less creative and the art style is less striking. The Colorado level was often considered to be controversial among players due to its complete lack of public spaces and verticality.[115][109] Critics liked the idea of a global-trotting adventure; Williams and Todd drew similarities between Hitman and the James Bond films.[113][109] Some reviewers expressed disappointment that the game reuses voice actors in different locations.[113][116][114]

Contrary to the developers' expectations, Hitman's episodic format did not succeed commercially. Most of the players purchased the full-priced versions and the sales volume was significantly lower than the traditional boxed release. Due to market confusion over the game's episodic format, even when the game's development was completed, the retail version did not meet publisher Square Enix's expectations, causing it to divest from the studio.[29] Hitman: The Complete First Season was the fourth-best-selling video game at retail in the UK during its week of release, behind Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017), Grand Theft Auto V (2013), and FIFA 17 (2016).[119] Despite the slow start, IO Interactive announced the game had attracted seven million players as of November 2017 and more than 13 million players had played the game by May 2018.[120]

IO Interactive partnered with Dynamite Entertainment to create Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman, a six-issue comic book miniseries that ran from November 2017 to June 2018, and was later released as a graphic novel in 2019.[128] The series ties-in with the World of Assassination trilogy and depicts 47's life before the events of the games, including his upbringing at Dr. Ort-Meyer's asylum and his previous career as a brainwashed assassin for Providence alongside his best friend, Lucas Grey / Subject 6. IO Interactive had complete control over the storyline of the comic. 041b061a72


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