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LEGO Space: Building The Future Books Pdf Filel

My 5 year old does not have a device with which to access building instructions. Nor did he at age 3, when he built his first Lego sets from directions. I do not want to mix screen time with LEGO. Certain things should remain analogue. Drawing, painting, lego building, reading and more are all better without screens, especially at young ages. If Lego insists on this path we will not be buying sets without manuals.

LEGO Space: Building The Future Books Pdf Filel

Shame on lego for providing less while still increasing their prices! The current system is fine with no problems. Having real instructions means you can collect more things and get better values for money. Removing instructions will prevent children, people without devices or limit people who are building away from home. This move will ruin the lego experience and only benefits lego company by cost cutting while keeping the price the same but more likely they will increase! 076b4e4f54


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