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HD Online Player (Fly Girls 720p) [NEW]

In this issue we introduce you to, a site which streams the soundtrack of audio described television programs and documentaries. We used this as a launching pad to discuss the difficulties of creating and finding audio described content. Now, in recent news, AccessWorld alerts its readers to a surprising new platform which may help proliferate the adoption of audio description. We say this because this particular industry has always been on the cutting edge of technological advances. Its impact has been felt from the days of the first printing press, and can be traced from the days of silent films through the adoption of instant photography, home video player/recorders, pay for view video, online credit card verification, and streaming video. And while this particular industry did not invent any of these technologies, it is widely perceived that it was the first to profit handsomely from each of these technological innovations.

HD Online Player (Fly Girls 720p)


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