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Epubsoftdrmremovalkeygen23 Fixed

Epubsoftdrmremovalkeygen23 >>

epubsoftdrmremovalkeygen23 --passphrase="mypassphrase" files the epubsoftdrmremovalkeygen23 command does not have any options or files. the epubsoftdrmremovalkeygen23 command generates an encryption key. the epubsoftdrmremovalkeygen23 command does not save the generated key.

before using this command, you'll have to first make sure you have the encoding of your epub changed from utf-8 to utf8 (this is done using the epubconv command from epub-utils package). then you should generate the removalkey file using epubsoftdrmremovalkeygen23 and import it using epub-import.

epubsoftdrmremovalkeygen23 [-h--help] [-s--string] [-f--file] [--no-string] [--no-file] [-e--encrypted] [-b--binary] [--not-encrypted] [-m--message] [--no-message] [--decryption] [--no-decryption] [-c--cipher] [-d--decryption] [-t--algorithm] [--no-algorithm] [--encryption] [--no-encryption] [-o--output] [-n--name] [--no-name] [--empty] [--nocrypto] [--no-crypto] [--unencrypted] [--encrypted] [--no-encrypted] [--strict] [--fuzzy] [--no-fuzzy] [--max-keys] [--algorithm-name] [--no-algorithm-name] [--algorithm-index] [--no-algorithm-index] [--encryption-algorithm-name] [--no-encryption-algorithm-name] [--encryption-algorithm-index] [--no-encryption-algorithm-index] [--encryption-algorithm-name] [--no-encryption-algorithm-name] [--encryption-algorithm-index] [--no-encryption-algorithm-index] [-l--list-algorithms] [-l--list-encryption-algorithms] [-o--output-file] [-v--version] epubsoftdrmremovalkeygendir generate a drm removal key and export it as a directory 3d9ccd7d82


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