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Doosan Puma 400 Pdf

Main Spindle Main Spindle Drive The 45kW (60.3Hp) spindle motor provides power for heavy stock removal, greatly reducing the number of roughing passes required. The reliable digital AC spindle motor provides fast acceleration and is maintenance free. The preloaded spindle bearings are specifically calibrated to maintain the perfect balance of rigidity and speed. The geared headstock ensures optimal power throughout a wide speed range. PUMA 480[L/XL] * : Maximum bar working diameter of PUMA 480D [LD/XLD] varies by the size of the chuck. BF Gear Box Heavy cutting enabled with 2-step...

Eco-Friendly Design Collection of Waste Lubrication Oil Less waste lubrication oil extends the life time of the coolant water and cut down the grime and offensive smell of the machine inside. Rigorously designed, manufactured and tested machine covers do not permit coolant leakage in any condition. The factory always keeps our environment clean. Tool Pre-Setter Automatic lubrication is provided to all guideways, ball screws and the tailstock quill. A maintenance free piston distributor delivers a precise quantity of oil to each lubrication point. The 1.8 L (0.5 gallon) reservoir lasts up to... 153554b96e


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