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Resident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City 2021 UPD

The return to Raccoon City is a welcomedyet choppy one. Top marks to director Roberts for presenting much deepercharacters and a much more developed plot than all previous entries. Settingthe film in 1998, the dawn of the internet, was a great choice as well. Robertstakes the audience back to a time where news and conspiracy theories werechalked up to loners instead of having millions of cult like followers. Thedirector also presents a very dark and foreboding atmosphere with the majorityof the film taking place under a rain-soaked city that is cloaked in darkness.What makes this entry intriguing is also what makes it suffer, which is anoverabundance of plot with not enough action to grind the pace of the pieceperfectly. While fans of the video game series may revel in the deeper tale oftheir favorite characters, mainstream audiences looking for a fun film willtire through the entire second act. More scenes with the town turning upside downwould have fit much better than the long cat and mouse game the protagonistplay. Once again and much like previous entries, gamers will rejoice in some ofthe more monstrous creatures while those simply out to see a zombie film willcringe at the bad and preposterous CGI creatures. This reboot is easily thesecond best in the series behind the 2002 original and could have sprung muchbetter and more thought-out sequels, but the opening two weeks box officenumbers have probably signaled a long stop to the series and perhaps washed upthe zombie craze on the shores until the next incarnation rises from the grave.

Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City 2021

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