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Advancing Biomedical Research by Beating the Systems that Hinder Innovation in Science and Medicine


We use proprietary methods of leveraging NLP/NLU to streamline the grant application writing process for academic and medical research institutions. Our novel invention enables clinical and biomedical researchers to accelerate the discovery of significant breakthroughs in science & medicine up to 150x faster than the global status quo.

We are passionate about assisting scientists, clinicians, and researcher's noble efforts to cure disease, develop tech that saves lives, and drive groundbreaking innovation without wasting valuable time & intellectual resources on archaic administrative procedures that impede innovation and limit research output. 

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Our Purpose

Grant Writing Reinvented

We invented a method of using NLP, NLU, ML, and Machine Translation to write R01 grants in under 7 hours, as opposed to the 300-1,500 working-hours global status quo.

Our method preserves scientific integrity by writing with the powerful proprietary knowledge, vision, and unique researcher's brain

Accelerating Breakthroughs in Science & Medicine

We're on a mission to help clinical researchers discover cures to diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimers, and develop life-saving products faster by eliminating the inefficient grant writing processes with advanced technologies.

Saving Biomedical Research Institutions Millions of Hours 

The impact our product provides is immediately measurable and has a long-term value-add that only compounds and increases tremendously over time.

What Our Clients Say

Vice-chair of Education

Top 10 Medical School in US

"I have been impressed at how they are using AI technology to significantly improve the efficiency and shorten the timelines of grant writing."

Faculty Director, AI

Ivy League University

"Grantey is solving the #1 pain in research and I believe it can truly change the world. No longer do professors need to spend 30% of their year writing grants."

Department Director

Top 10 Healthcare System in US

"All the Vice-chairs we presented Grantey to agreed that this was a worthwhile endeavor and an exciting collaboration."

"Every hour a scientist spends trying to raise funds is an hour lost from important thought and research".

Isaac Asimov

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